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Elevate Studio
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Zürich

Elevate is a new studio in the heart of Zurich, offering you a large variety of classes, practices and special events.

Our studio follows the Neo Kundalini Yoga wisdom, bringing together yoga movements, breathwork and pranayama, meditation, chanting and inner reflection, in an open, non-dogmatic and fluid way.

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Gift your family, friends and loved ones a beautiful experience at Elevate Studio Zürich!

Reach out to us at and we will organise everything for you. The gift cards can be used for weekly classes, special events or workshops. 

Elevate Studio Gift Cards

About Neo Kundalini Yoga

At Elevate Studio, we are co-creating and offering a new, fresh, pure and open perspective on the ancient Kundalini Yoga tradition - what we call “Neo Kundalini Yoga”

To us, Kundalini Yoga has been an incredible tool in our transformation journey, and we now want to share the practices and our experiences with others. 


It brings together:

  • The power of movements to nourish, train and sustain the body & physical health

  • The power of breathwork or pranayama to purify, detoxify and expand our wellbeing

  • The power of chanting or mantras to quieten, calm and stabilise the mind

  • The power of hand postures or mudras to activate and renew the nervous system

  • The power of meditation to strengthen inner observation, acceptance & flow with Life 


The Kundalini Yoga practice is normally based and built around a Kriya, a set of asanas and meditations, which is built around a theme and aims for specific effects. That’s why Kundalini Yoga is almost considered as the science or the technology for accessing different states of human consciousness and activating specific neuro-chemical reactions to create incredible benefits to the mind, body and consciousness. 


Examples of specific Kriyas are: awaken to true-self, abdominal strengthening, release stress, balance lung and intestine meridians, create harmony, calm heart, remove body blocks, balance the positive mind, release anger, boost immune system, elevation, protection, aerobic capacity and efficiency etc. There are hundreds of different Kriyas. These are just a few examples to show the variety of benefits you could obtain from practising it.

At Elevate Studio, we combine our own knowledge of Kundalini Yoga with other yoga styles and traditions. As such, each teacher offers a unique and complementary perspective.

Visit our schedule with the class descriptions to learn more about the different offers. 

If you are new to Kundalini Yoga, we suggest starting with the Trial Pass, which will give you the opportunity to participate in 3 different classes and experience different teachers and styles.

If you have any questions or need more guidance, reach out to us.

We’d love to hear from you and answer all your questions.

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